Subject Matter Experts/Integrate

As an industry leader in the payments field, Heitmeyer has been the trusted partner of many financial institutions as it relates to strategic plan development and tactical plan execution. Our team of industry experts has been involved and highly influential in the transformation of a paper, check based platform to a highly electronic, mobile alignment of transaction services – both with US and Canadian based Institutions.

As our society has moved from a traditional paper-based transactional-focused delivery model to a more mobile and digitized approach, so too has our expertise and experience.

Our subject matter expertise encompasses all customer facing transactional-based delivery channels and is both user and technical based:

Core Platform

  • CRM
  • DDA
  • Loan

Retail Operations

  • Check Image
  • Image Archive
  • Branch Item Capture
  • Deposit Operations
  • Mobile/Online Banking
  • ATM
  • Fraud Control

Treasury Management

  • Lockbox/Remittance
  • ACH/Wire Transfer
  • Account Reconciliation/Positive Pay
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Mobile/Online Banking

Trust/Wealth Management

Success Factors

The financial services industry continues to face significant challenges in effectively selling its products and services, including continuing legislative and regulatory changes, industry consolidation, and increased convergence. Successful financial institutions will embrace new approaches and operational changes to meet these challenges. Heitmeyer believes that there are several key factors that drive distribution success, each of which requires attention for companies to remain competitive.

Key success factors/drivers of delivery model effectiveness include:

  • Technology Solutions
  • Proven tools to support measurement and monitoring of activities, capacity and performance
  • Appropriate service delivery mechanism in backroom operations
  • Consistency of service delivery
  • Extensive knowledge of successful service delivery procedures, tools and technology
  • Understanding of channel costs and profitability

Business Process

Heitmeyer has developed a great track record around providing subject matter expertise relating to the business/user. We have led or been heavily involved in numerous projects relating to business operation in which our SME is leveraged. A strong Project Manager, Business Analyst or Developer, who also possesses strong SME knowledge relating to the domain is able to lead the team and provide value to the project in ways that those without the SME expertise cannot. For that reason, we pride ourselves in serving this role for our clients.


In support of the delivery channels, Heitmeyer has been involved in virtually every technology supporting the customer delivery model including:

  • ARGO
  • SHAW
  • CPCS
  • Viewpoint
  • ACI
  • PEP
  • Wausau
  • Fiserv
  • FIS
  • Agiletics