The Enterprise Risk/Compliance practice within Heitmeyer specializes in providing guidance and assistance to  banks of all sizes as it relates to the complex world  of Risk Management  – both from an enterprise view and more tactical around Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti Money Laundering (AML). The magnitude and scope of these regulations, the ongoing training and operational concerns, and limited resources at the Banks disposal make determining the best practices to support these functions very challenging. The resource and expertise challenge is certainly magnified for the small/mid size institutions, yet the need is just as real as evidenced by the comment made by Thomas Curry, Comptroller of the Currency on March 7, 2013 before the Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs, US Senate:

BSA is an issue for institutions of all sizes. In fact, as large banks improve their BSA/AML programs and jettison higher risk lines of business, we are concerned that money launderers will migrate to smaller institutions. While we are committed to ensuring that all institutions we supervise have effective BSA/AML programs in place, we recognize the increased burden this places on community banks and thrifts.”

Given the new world with which we live, there is no doubt the focus and importance of AML/BSA activities will continue to escalate and be a high profile and critical component for any financial institution. Our business model and network of professionals who are experienced and extremely knowledgeable allow us to add tremendous value to any organization – both from a strategic and tactical  perspective.

Enterprise Risk Management

Better informed decisions. This is what all Financial Institution leaders need, seek, and what an Enterprise Risk Management program offers.

At Heitmeyer Consulting, we understand that Financial Institutions have to take and accept risks in order to succeed. Our goal is to enable our clients to understand and manage their risk environment in order to make informed decisions. Our program development philosophy introduces a risk-driven, disciplined approach for you and your compliance staff. Designed to recommend the best course of action for managing uncertainty by identifying, analyzing, evaluating, responding to, and monitoring risk events that may have an impact on your organization achieving the proper balance in risk mitigation.

AML/BSA/OFAC/Fraud Program Assessment

Experts at Heitmeyer assist banks of all sizes understand potential shortcoming in their BSA/AML program and identify corrective measures to ensure the institution is in compliant. Staying ahead of each regulation can be overwhelming; Heitmeyer performs an objective and independent review of the program – from both an operational and technical perspective – allowing the institution to have a level of comfort that they are in compliant and readies them for any potential exam/review by a governing body. The review covers all aspects of and an assessment – reporting, /risk and control as well as process/procedural.

  • U.S. Patriot Act
  • Dodd Frank
  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • SOX

Regulatory Strategy

The ever changing landscape evolving the  regulatory world presents challenges to financial institutions unlike any other aspect of Banking, and more specifically compliance activities.   We work with clients to understand the legislation and how it impacts their particular environment. We provide the foundation with which to understand the risks, remain in compliant without losing a competitive advantage, and ultimately create shareholder value. Whether it be mock exams or an assessment of impacts form pending or ne legislation, Heitmeyer has the resources to help navigate through the issues.

 Remediation/Look Back Projects

Remediation projects relative to KYC and AML can prove to be a very daunting and present challenges to the financial intuitions that are difficult to overcome and execute. Our team of experts offer immediate value to the client as they are thoroughly trained and well versed in investigative techniques and processes and systems.. Each client’s needs are understood and resources provided based on the environment and specific needs do the client as no two projects are the same. Our team of professionals have spent years distinguishing themselves in the industry and include both civilian professionals as well as law enforcement and ex-military personnel -all providing real world experiences.

  • SAR Creation
  • Case Management
  • 314 (a)
  • 314 (b)
  • OFAC


Our team provides documentation specific to the clients environment and system. Through this process we also are able to provide some best practice concepts and principles to the team and interject into the documentation.