“Don’t Just Get Bigger, Get Better”

With any major initiative there are certain business components that are an integral piece to the success of the program – whether M & A related or tied to a major strategic move. Further, a mental shift in approach and culture is many times necessary to achieve your business objectives. Business Process Redesign (BPR) and transformation activities should be embedded in the financial instituion’s culture – not a single, isolated event.

We are very cognizant of this “shift-in-approach” mindset and do everything we can to work with leaders in your organization to ensure a process improvement orientation becomes top of mind and in the end, a part of your culture.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Today’s highly competitive landscape presents daily challenges to management to consistently deliver products and services in a cost structure that is very lean and agile. The complex environment, driven both by increasing regulatory demands as well as self-imposed cost structures pose major challenges to management. These challenges require a BPM program that is holistic and aligns technology with process. For organizations to face these challenges, tthey need people who understand and are experts in the various elements of BPM:

  • Strategy
  • Transparency
  • Process Repositories/Documentation
  • Process Governance
  • Automation

Too often, previous expense control initiatives have resulted in short-sighted resource ‘rightsizings’ which can no longer be rationalized.

To remain competitive, FI leadership must identify ways to incorporate process redesigns that improve how incremental work volumes are handled while raising service performance without adding to their current staff.

The Heitmeyer BPM model is a complete end-to-end review of your current processes, identifying “outdated” practices, identifying opportunities for automaton, taking into account both technology and human process components.

Productivity Management

Heitmeyer has developed numerous models for clients allowing them to understand their business. This Know Your Business (KYB) approach places a premium on benchmarking and trending of data, providing the management tools required to create and/or maintain a high performance culture and service level-focused organization.

The end result of the Heitmeyer model is a process centric environment with the nimbleness and leanness to respond to the ever changing environment that has evolved over the years and has no sign of slowing down.


In today’s environment, FI’s cannot afford to just spend money — they have to make strategic investments.

A merger and acquisition opportunity can be viewed in a broader context – as part of a transformational process which helps. . .

  • Reduce overall costs
  • Improve infrastructure
  • Introduce revenue opportunities
  • Expand flexibility

This exercise requires coordinated input and involvement from the M&A team, the lines of business, the IT group and bank operations. Tradeoffs, risks and expenditures must be assessed and reviewed in light of the overall end game, not just the conversion effort.

When planned and managed properly, the result can be a more effective conversion (and future conversion capability) and a more efficient technology environment that better supports both M&A and production.

Heitmeyer’s mantra with any program related to M & A is “Don’t just get bigger, get better”, a theme often times overlooked in the integration process.


Are your training programs up to date? Is your training material up to date? If you are like most of us, the answer to these two questions is a resounding NO.

Heitmeyer has developed an extensive online training library you can utilize to enhance staff education, upgrade your existing training programs and improve the overall performance of your team.

Our comprehensive online training library is completely customizable and includes a wide range of industry-specific courses covering such topics as security, compliance, lending, teller skills, product knowledge, operations, management and sales skills.

At Heitmeyer, we have the skills to develop a customized training program to fit your needs. We also advocate a certification component to the training program. This online module allows management to measure and understand the success and aptitude of the employees who have gone through such training, allowing the client to drive more powerful customer relationships or service delivery attributes.